BCIC Administration Staff

Shirley McNaughton, C.M., Ph. D. - Chairperson, BCIC.

Shirley continues to support BCIC, drawing on her years of experience with Blissymbolics and with Bliss users. As a special educator, she has been teaching - first children, then adults - persons with cerebral palsy since 1968. She retired from the position of executive director in 1989, and has now retired from the Blissymbolics Communication InternationaI Board of Directors (BCI) in 2011. She continues to participate as a member of the BCI International Panel for Symbol Development.  Shirley currently serves as Co-Chair with Paul Marshall, of Blissymbolics Communication Institute-Canada. In this role, she continues to support the literacy and communication endeavours of Bliss users and Bliss alumni, as BCIC resources permit.  Her most recent project for BCIC is the founding, with Audrey King, of the Bliss i-Band, co-sponsored by the Lillian and Don Wright Foundation and BCIC. Shirley serves as Music Director of the i-Band.   Shirley possesses the Order of Canada and has been dedicated to the teaching of Blissymbolics since 1971.

Paul Marshall webmaster @ BCIC

Paul Marshall - BCIC.

Paul received his voice when he learned Blissymbolics at the age of twelve. It was like a flood gate was opened! All his thoughts, questions and desires came rushing out. By his mid twenties, the milestone of being literate was reality in his life! The years have gone by, but Paul has always preached that there is a direct link from Bliss to being literate! Over the years, Paul was privileged to give presentations at local, provincial, federal and International levels on living with a disability. The other hat that he wears is one of tech support. Along with sharing the responsibilities of co-chairing BCIC with Shirley McNaughton, he looks after our website. Paul has a deep compassion to the Bliss community and the vision of our ongoing work as an organization! He also lives in a group setting with three others who are also nonspeaking. This gives him an opportunity to help in his home environment too.

We in Canada have sad news to share!

Paul Marshall died on October 25, 2016.

We will treasure our memories of him and always be thankful for his wonderful contribution to our Bliss community - here in Canada and around the world. For us, Paul was a highly respected leader, highly regarded by our Bliss users and alumni and his colleagues throughout our AAC community .... and he was a wonderful friend!

Paul’s deep faith gave him strength throughout his life to take on the many challenges he faced, but never more than in recent years, as his health began to fail and pain became increasingly his companion. He persevered in his many projects until his body finally said, “no more”!

The thoughts of two of Paul’s Bliss friends in Toronto express what Paul meant to them:
Paul was the greatest!
He was courageous and brave!
No one could do what he did! Paul’s heart was in his work!
He was friendly and helpful to all of us! We feel that now, Paul is looking down on us from the heavens above, and he is still inside us, teaching and loving us!
Nora Rothschild has summarized our feelings well, for all of us! “The world has lost a great and wise soul .”

Elaine Drover, Joe Jessop, Shirley McNaughton


Joe Jessup

Elaine Drover

Joe Jessup Co-Vice Chair

Joe began using Blissymbols in the first class at the Ontario Crippled Children’s Centre (now called the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital) in Toronto in 1971. He uses the light writer and computer for communication and plays the i-Pad as a member of the Bliss i-Band. His two favourite things are his cat, Kristin, and playing his drum set. He loves helping new Bliss users and is very supportive of the work of BCIC.

Elaine Drover Co-Vice Chair

Elaine is from Newfoundland. She began using Blissymbols when her teacher Jane Green introduced them to her in the early seventies. Elaine now uses a voca, computer, i-Pad and her Bliss folder for communication. She is an active member of the Bliss i-Band and is working on her life story. She has a strong interest in helping others and enjoys participating on the BCIC Board of Directors.


Bob Loree - Secretary

I have been happy serving on the Board.  I have been learning how a Board works as a Board Member. This past year as secretary has been more challenging. Attending meetings on skype can be difficult for taking minutes as it tends to cut in and out.  I am hoping to attend at least some of the meetings in person this year.

Russell Galvin

Amanda Boc-Neilson

Paul Sullivan

Katherine Seybold - Treasurer

I first began working with Blissymbolics in 1982 when Shirley McNaughton asked me to work 4 hours a week with Sue Odell, a young woman with cerebral palsy who used Blissymbols to communicate.  Over the next few years, I gradually began working 4 days a week, focussing more on administrative duties, including the ever-growing international Bliss Affiliate network.  In the mid-90’s I became a volunteer for BCI and then a member of the Board of Directors, both duties continuing until today.