Bliss Canada

Persons around the world who are non-speaking have benefitted from the pioneering work of a clinical team in Ontario in the early seventies.

For over forty years, we in Canada have worked with persons with cerebral palsy - helping them improve their communication and literacy skills. Included in this effort was providing leadership to the international application of Bliss.

In 2012, we were pleased to support the transfer of the international role and  responsibilities of Blissymbolics Communication International (BCI), to our colleagues in Sweden, the other Nordic countries and Europe.

Blissymbolics Communication Institute – Canada (BCIC) is now focussing on helping our Bliss users and alumni, providing resources for our Bliss community in Ontario and participating, as a Member, in the work of Blissymbolics Communication International (BCI).

For more information about BCIC please contact us