Ontario Bliss Meetings – Covid-19


BCIC Blog #4 June 27, 2020

It has been quite a learning experience, hosting our recent Bliss meetings on zoom!

I am including in this blog the link to a short video clip from our April 24, 2020 meeting and the “CHAT" from our June 25 meeting. Our conversation ranges from trouble shooting in using zoom, to checking out new Bliss-words, to sharing news. I hope, as time progresses, and we gain more experience with zoom, that we will devote more time to news and learning Bliss!

We had a guest at our April meeting - Lynnette Norris, and we watched a video together that she had shared. It showed young children who had severe hearing losses, as they HEARD for the first time! Exciting! It made us think of what it was like, to COMMUNICATE for the first time!

At our June meeting, we shared memories of events in our childhood. Nice to reminisce together!

I hope this blog will be used for lots of reminiscing. I invite our Bliss alumni and friends to send me news or ideas that they would like to share. Blissymbols suggestions or requests are always welcome as well! I will see that they are placed in our “Blissful Thoughts” Blog.




June 25 CHAT

See Below:

Be patient as you read!!

Lots of time had to be spent on technical complications!

We will get  better!!!

3:09:40 From Julie Millar : hi 

13:09:52 From Russell : Hi!

13:12:31 From Russell to Shirley McNaughton (Privately) : Are you using gallery view?

13:12:47 From Russell to Shirley McNaughton (Privately) : We can't hear you right now

13:13:01 From Russell to Shirley McNaughton (Privately) : Still not

13:13:22 From Russell to Shirley McNaughton (Privately) : Notice the highlight is going back and forth from Elaine to Silvano

13:14:15 From ELAINE : trying fix my cap

13:14:48 From Shirley McNaughton to Russell (Privately) : I will take off my head sets and try the other way. I can hear Russell and rebecca

13:15:20 From Frances Brown : hi I don’t have sound again today Fran

13:17:00 From Russell to Shirley McNaughton (Privately) : I'll try to help Fran with her sound

13:20:13 From Frances Brown : yes to Rebecca. Russell I only have an IPad not a computer Fran

13:55:38 From Julie Millar : Samantha agrees,it's because it is funny

13:55:42 From ELAINE : i was 15

13:56:17 From Russell : Because Elaine really loves jello?

13:56:19 From Carolyn : it is real to her

14:01:18 From Carolyn : I remember my dog Brutus who licked my face to kiss me.  I think I was around 6 when we got him

14:01:43 From Rebecca Chan : update....Fran has video now but still no audio. so she will use chat for now

14:02:02 From ELAINE : dad came in he gave me a pick ball and doll   age 8

14:07:46 From ELAINE : playing ball. at children

14:08:28 From Russell : Maybe a pickleball?

14:09:24 From ELAINE : yes   just a ball

14:11:25 From aomalley : sound is cutting out

14:12:07 From aomalley : all I heard was do something?

14:12:45 From Frances Brown : I remember one time when my sister & brother & I got lost on the farm. Mom thought we were outside with Dad & Dad thought we were in the house with  Mom until he came in for lunch. They found us when they saw Sportie our dog jumping up & down

14:13:46 From ELAINE : yes

14:15:50 From Russell : Yes

14:16:18 From ELAINE : yes

14:17:01 From Julie Millar : favourite trip I took

14:17:38 From Carolyn : favourite trip also

14:18:45 From Russell to Shirley McNaughton (Privately) : star trek

14:18:58 From Julie Millar : captain kurk

14:19:07 From ELAINE : i had many trips.

14:20:15 From Russell to Shirley McNaughton (Privately) : first time reading? or communicating?

14:20:59 From ELAINE : bud and i had story

14:22:43 From ELAINE : still on

14:26:03 From ELAINE : ok SHIRLEY


14:40:17 From Frances Brown : I finally got the audio.

14:50:50 From Frances Brown : I had to have the test in order to come back to the Baker Centre & I had to be back within 24 hours of getting negative results. Donnas mother can go & visit Donna but she has to stay outside & they talk through the window. If she wants to go in the house she has to be tested every two weeks.

14:54:04 From Russell to Shirley McNaughton (Privately) : Please send it to me

14:55:46 From Rebecca Chan : looks like silva no wants us to see a photo

14:56:10 From Rebecca Chan : they are waving a photo on the screen

14:58:32 From aomalley : We have to say good bye.  We have another meeting happening soon and have to get ready.  It is our AGM

14:58:40 From aomalley : Bye