Celebrating 50 Years of Bliss!

We are excited to tell you about our new film, ‘Celebrating 50 Years of Bliss!’ The film is looking at how Bliss symbols got started in Toronto and how they were used to help nonspeaking people to communicate here and then around the world. The movie is narrated by Shirley McNaughton who introduced this symbol based language system to children who had physical limitations. In the last 50 years many children have used Bliss symbols as a way to communicate and have moved on to use the printed word. Many of these children didn’t have a way to communicate in a meaningful way prior to this. There is a lot of music from the Bliss i-Band featured throughout this movie. The Bliss i-band was co-founded by Shirley McNaughton and Audrey King. The film,’Celebrating 50 Years of Bliss!’ Can now be seen on YouTube https://youtu.be/2H8e3jtrLs0

By Samantha Millar and Carolyn Henry 

with assistance from Julie Millar and Glynis Henry