Bliss i-Band “Virgin River Medley”

We are pleased to provide the link

to the Virgin River Medley

produced by the Bliss i-Band Chordify group,

premiered on November 1, 2023.

The Bliss I-Band produced this video to express their appreciation to the cast and production team of Virgin River; to show their enjoyment of the Virgin River series; and to share their pleasure with friends..

At our zoom premiere on Nov. 1, Bliss I-Band members were delighted to present Bliss i-Band “Virgin River Medley” to a group of old friends. The following are some screen shots of some of those who attended, as they watched the video.

On November 1st, we also shared a short clip that reminded us of the many good times Bliss users and alumni had at the Bliss Learning Centre in Bala. Below is the link to a view of the Bliss House and a group sharing dinner and our music grace. The video ends with a view of the Moon River, reminding us of the many associations we have with Virgin River.