Remembering Kristen

On Friday, March 22, Joe shared with Rebecca Chan and me the sad news that his beloved cat, Kristen, had to be put down that day.

Both Rebecca and I knew how very much Kristen meant to Joe, and what an important part of his life she was. She was his “Baby” and he cared for her faithfully in different homes in Toronto and then in his new home in Orillia.

Our thoughts are with Joe! 

Rebecca expressed it well when she said:

“I hope you will be comforted by knowing that you gave Kristen a wonderful home on this earth, and in return she gave you her loving presence. 

Through the sadness, I will remember how wonderful it is that you had each other. “

Kristen had her own very strong personality. She was feisty and unpredictable in her younger years, and a relaxed and comforting companion as she aged.


May you gain solace in your many happy memories of your times with Kirsten!

Our love is with you.

Remembering Robert (Bob) Loree

We, at BCIC, were very sad to learn that Bob passed away on March 9 from pneumonia.

His longtime friend, instructor and work partner, Anne O’Malley was by his side at the end. Bob was a loyal supporter of BCIC – serving as Secretary on the Board of Directors for many years and always a strong ambassador for Bliss. 

Here is the reaction of Elaine Drover, BCIC Vice-Chair:





Here is a link to a project Bob did with Valerie Cruse, around 2008.

I look forward to including the above “Combining” keynote presentation in the Blissymbolics Instructional Compendium (BIC)

Bob will be greatly missed!

We send our sincere condolences to Anne O’Malley and Bob’s family.


‘Meeting and Greeting’ at its best!

On Sunday March 3, 2024, the Bliss I-Band enjoyed a ‘Meet and Greet” with Martin Henderson and Alex Breckenridge, leading stars in Virgin River! For 14 minutes, we heard about the music interests of Alex and Martin and we learned about how the music in the film is added to the performances of actors. What we see on TV is the result of many layers of talent! 

It was a memorable experience for everyone who attended. The meeting was planned by Shirley as a thank-you to the Bliss i-Band members who played the music in “Bliss i-Band Virgin River Medley Abridged Version” now available on YouTube AND to tell Martin and Alex how much the Bliss I-Band enjoys and appreciates Virgin River. We showed a short clip in which we conveyed our thanks to the full Virgin River team for their excellent Netflix series!

The following picture shows a screen shot from the video as Carolyn and Samantha play using garage band and chordify, and you see Carolyn, Glynis, Shirley, Julie signing the chords, with Samantha intently watching.

The next picture shows the Bliss I-Band members and helpers listening to Martin and Alex. A happy time was had by all!