Favourite Vacation Part One

Samantha’s Trip

Samantha, along with other members of the Bliss Support Group decided they would like to share memorable trips they have had. The trips can be real or imagined. Here is the first entry. The following story was written by Samantha in print, and translated into Bliss by her mother, Julie, using Bliss Online.

Favourite Vacation


Samantha Millar

Samantha with her family and the Aleutian Ballad crew

Stories will be translated into Bliss if they are submitted in print.

I look forward to more stories – in print or in Bliss.


3 Replies to “Favourite Vacation Part One”

  1. Sam & family: what a great picture, and it sounds like an exciting trip! Now I am intrigued by the Bliss symbol for “Deadliest”… can we get an explanation for how those symbol parts make up that word?

  2. I went on an Alaskan cruise last year and we stopped in Ketchikan (allegedly the rainiest place in NA). We had a beautiful sunny day though and went snorkeling.

  3. In a zoom meeting yesterday, we discovered that Carolyn and her sister, Glynis, went on the same shrimp boat three years earlier. I wonder what other discoveries we will have as we share memorable trips!

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