Blissymbols can be found in the most surprising places!

It happened last Sunday morning, following the Sunday morning zoom service at Don Heights Unitarian Congregation. We were having our small “break-out” group discussion with just 6 participants, when I caught sight of the Blissymbol for “feeling, as an adjective”!

(The “indicator” appearing over the heart symbol denotes the grammatical category.)

“Feeling” appeared in the backdrop behind Peter Lister.

I was wondering why the symbol appeared to be layered on a “grid”, but not properly positioned…. 

I just had to ask Peter where the symbol came from! His response….

“What symbol?” 

“I’m sitting in front of a picture of a table with a checkered table cloth!”

With a little detective work, we discovered that the “feeling” symbol was a great example of ‘meaning being in the eyes of the beholder’.

Only, I, would perceive “feeling” in the back of a wrought iron chair!

It could be said that I’m “seeing things” that aren’t there. I prefer to believe that I bring the language of Blissymbolics to many aspects of my life – with enjoyment!

Leads me to a great book, for anyone wishing to delve more into perception. It’s one of my favourites!

Graziano, Michael S.A. (2010). God Soul Mind Brain. 

Massachusetts: Leapfrog Press.

I invite anyone who sees a Blissymbol in an unexpected place to share your finding with readers of Blissful Thoughts! You can do this by sending an email message to

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