Bliss and Canadian Faces

On March 27, the global Bliss community joined Chris White for his 50th episode of Canadian Faces to talk about Bliss and music in the lives of our Bliss community.

Canadian Faces is a live-streamed show, hosted by Chris, featuring video interviews and performances with Canadian singer-songwriters and other folk/roots musicians. 

Here’s the link to the March 27, 2022 ‘Canadian Faces’ show.

There were many people from around the world. As one member, Joe Jessop, said it was “like traveling on Zoom”.  We agreed with Joe that it was so interesting hearing from different people. There were people from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Brazil, as well as our home country, Canada. We talked about the early days of Bliss and how the Bliss language has positively helped the lives of many of us.  Some of us have used Bliss to become writers and poets!  Music is very important to many of us and Aaron Lightstone, our music director, shared some videos of the Bliss i-Band.  One of the songs was our first collaboration with a musician – who was Chris White. We showed the video of the Bliss i-band playing his song, Follow Your Bliss together with him. Another video we shared was “Take the Time”, with lyrics by Kari Harrington, who was at our meeting.

Many people, like we did, talked about how we used Blissymbolics when we were young. 

We also told the group that there is a Blissymbol for ‘hope’ on Snake Island (just off of Vancouver Island, Canada) in honour of the hope for peace in Europe.

Here’s is what one of the group who erected the sign told BCI:

We erected the sign on Snake Island on Sunday March 6th

Our Snake Island is located in Nanaimo British Columbia Canada

We see this as a sister Island to the Snake Island in Ukraine that was shelled by the Russian Navy.

Interestingly enough we also have two ex Canadian Naval Warships that lie peacefully next to snake Island as artificial reefs and recreational dive sites. One is the former Saskatchewan cold war era destroyer escort and the other the Cape Breton a world war 2 victory ship.

The message of HOPE in Blissymbolics has already had people very curious. Asking what to the “letters” mean?

We tell them the story of Charles Bliss and that the letters mean Hope in an international language

Most importantly the Hope can be whatever the person reading them wants to hope for

Hope to end this war

Hope for peace

Hope that we begin to realize that attacking innocents can no longer be tolerated and we need to move forward as a global society to leave this behaviour in our past

Thank you again and kindest wishes to all of you.

Robert Wolanski

By Samantha Millar and Carolyn Henry 

with assistance from Julie Millar and Glynis Henry

Comment from Audrey King

March 31 2022

Thank you for writing such an excellent article about our day with Chris White.  It was amazing to see ACC users from all around the world and made us all realize how important it is to be able to communicate with each other, regardless of traditional languages.

Great job of com uniting Samantha, Julie, Carolyn & Glynis and everyone else involved.

Keep it up!