Remembering Kristen

On Friday, March 22, Joe shared with Rebecca Chan and me the sad news that his beloved cat, Kristen, had to be put down that day.

Both Rebecca and I knew how very much Kristen meant to Joe, and what an important part of his life she was. She was his “Baby” and he cared for her faithfully in different homes in Toronto and then in his new home in Orillia.

Our thoughts are with Joe! 

Rebecca expressed it well when she said:

“I hope you will be comforted by knowing that you gave Kristen a wonderful home on this earth, and in return she gave you her loving presence. 

Through the sadness, I will remember how wonderful it is that you had each other. “

Kristen had her own very strong personality. She was feisty and unpredictable in her younger years, and a relaxed and comforting companion as she aged.


May you gain solace in your many happy memories of your times with Kirsten!

Our love is with you.