Bliss Alumni help ESTEEM at Don Heights

Carolyn Henry and Joe Jessop have been contributing their experience from Bliss i-Band to help Shirley with a senior’s music group.

Thanks to the help from these two Bliss alumni, we have had ‘fun’ music sessions on Saturday afternoons. I called the group ESTEEM – Enabling Seniors To Enjoy Ensemble Music. We met weekly in Don Heights Unitarian Congregation’s premises. 

ESTEEM in Don Mills began in 2018, with Joe and Carolyn demonstrating for  the seniors in the group, how they played music using ‘garage band’ on an i-Pad. The seniors used Orff instruments the first year. In our second year some of them began using i-Pads. The exception was Eric. The bass xylophone was always “his” instrument! 

We have lost Mary and Eric, Joe has moved to Orillia, and Covid-19 has made it impossible for us to continue our sessions. However, we have many happy memories! This video is dedicated to those who made ESTEEM at Don Heights so memorable!

Click on the ‘play button’ below to start the video. Listen to the music for the first minute, and watch for the musicians to appear!

I hope you enjoy sharing our happy times!