‘Meeting and Greeting’ at its best!

On Sunday March 3, 2024, the Bliss I-Band enjoyed a ‘Meet and Greet” with Martin Henderson and Alex Breckenridge, leading stars in Virgin River! For 14 minutes, we heard about the music interests of Alex and Martin and we learned about how the music in the film is added to the performances of actors. What we see on TV is the result of many layers of talent! 

It was a memorable experience for everyone who attended. The meeting was planned by Shirley as a thank-you to the Bliss i-Band members who played the music in “Bliss i-Band Virgin River Medley Abridged Version” now available on YouTube AND to tell Martin and Alex how much the Bliss I-Band enjoys and appreciates Virgin River. We showed a short clip in which we conveyed our thanks to the full Virgin River team for their excellent Netflix series!

The following picture shows a screen shot from the video as Carolyn and Samantha play using garage band and chordify, and you see Carolyn, Glynis, Shirley, Julie signing the chords, with Samantha intently watching.

The next picture shows the Bliss I-Band members and helpers listening to Martin and Alex. A happy time was had by all!

Bliss I-Band…Virgin River Information

Virgin River Medley

See November 2, 2023 blog entry for link to complete Virgin River Medley

10 songs from Virgin River Length 1.25 hours

Virgin River Medley Trailer

Click on above POINTER to view Virgin River Medley Trailer Length 8.10 minutes

Click on above POINTER to view 3-minute message to Martin and Alexandra

Message to Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge

Click above link to see 3 minute message

Bliss i-Band “Virgin River Medley”

We are pleased to provide the link

to the Virgin River Medley

produced by the Bliss i-Band Chordify group,

premiered on November 1, 2023.

The Bliss I-Band produced this video to express their appreciation to the cast and production team of Virgin River; to show their enjoyment of the Virgin River series; and to share their pleasure with friends..


At our zoom premiere on Nov. 1, Bliss I-Band members were delighted to present Bliss i-Band “Virgin River Medley” to a group of old friends. The following are some screen shots of some of those who attended, as they watched the video.

On November 1st, we also shared a short clip that reminded us of the many good times Bliss users and alumni had at the Bliss Learning Centre in Bala. Below is the link to a view of the Bliss House and a group sharing dinner and our music grace. The video ends with a view of the Moon River, reminding us of the many associations we have with Virgin River.