Celebrating Special Day of Gulay and Saee!

At Bliss i-Band on Wednesday, June 19, the I-Band members were happy to celebrate Gulay's and Saee's graduation from the Ontario College of Art and Design University, Toronto, on June 14. Both Gulay and Saee graduated from the Inclusive Design program, receiving their Master of Design. They both participate in the I-Band through helping Elaine Drover (Gulay) and Christine Jimenez (Saee), and their major projects of their final year involved collaborative work with Elaine and Christine. We look forward to Saee and Gulay continuing with the I-Band next year as they begin their professional careers.


Here is a video glimpse of the special moment on stage!


Here is a close up of Gulay with her parents and Saee with her friends!

Best wishes from Bliss i-Band
to Gulay Syeda and Saee Tipnis
for happiness and fulfillment
in your careers!

4 Replies to “Celebrating Special Day of Gulay and Saee!”

  1. Congratulations Gulay and Saee.
    All these connections with different people help enrich all our lives!
    We haven’t met YET 🙂


  2. Congratulations Gulay and Saee! Look forward to working with you again in September!

    Elaine W and Rhonda

  3. I enjoyed making this post! Felt good to celebrate Saee’s and Gulay’s special day in our Blissful Thoughts, for all to share!
    How quickly their special moments flashed by!

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