Two Special Moms!

During these first months of 2024, we have lost two moms whose love and support enriched the lives of their offspring  beyond measure.

The role Lourdes Jimenez played in Christine’s life and the role played by Rosemary Marshall in Paul’s life, varied with the talents and needs of Christine and Paul. These two moms, however, had much in common.

Lourdes and Rosemary both raised their children near Hamilton, Ontario.  Rosemary raised Paul on a farm near Binbrook. Lourdes raised Christine in their family home in Burlington. They both had the help of a wonderful Bliss teacher, Barbara Rush, and a Bliss-nurturing community and education system. They both had two other children and a busy family life. They both spent many years raising their children as single parents after losing their husbands. They both participated in and were valued members of the Bliss community. They both were, first and foremost, very special parents!

Lourdes was a kind and loving full-time mom, providing Christine’s extensive physical care and ensuring that Christine had the education and communication support and social opportunities she needed. I remember fondly visits to the family home and always knowing there would be a warm welcome.

Rosemary was a busy farm manager and school bus driver, proud and supportive of Paul in his determination for independence, whether it be on the tractor or on the computer. I remember my visits to the farm, nervous (needlessly) of their barking dog running to the car upon my arrival. I was always aware of the many farm chores that awaited both Rosemary and Paul upon my departure, but I always received inviting relaxed hospitality …. and their assurance that their dog was welcoming me!

In the first picture below, you see Paul and Rosemary conversing, at a Bliss Christmas party, circa 2012, with Barbara Rush listening, and you have a peek at another special mom in the background….Miriam Running, mother of Ann, both of whom we have lost many years ago.

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We are proud to celebrate the lives of two remarkable women – Lourdes and Rosemary!

I will always treasure the many good times I shared with them!

They will always be remembered with love!


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  1. Thank you for the kind words Shirley.
    Rosemary (Mom) was a remarkable woman who will be missed dearly.

    Malcolm & Lordeen
    Steve & Sue

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