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On December 6, 2020, Jorge Almeida will be 50 years of age!  I am very happy to celebrate his birthday by giving you the link to his life story, published by the Inclusive Design Institute,  OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design) University!

I met Jorge many years ago when I used to visit Computer Wise in Ottawa and learned about all the great work being accomplished there by several Bliss alumni and their colleagues. You will be able to read about Jorge’s experiences at Computer Wise in the “Jobs’ section of his book. I hope you enjoy Jorge’s story. He shares his many interesting ideas, experiences, and dreams. He tells about his girlfriend Chantal Bedard whom many of us knew in our Ontario Bliss community. You can learn about how Jorge uses his left foot to control five switches that work his electric wheelchair and his Liberator computer. If you wish to send your greetings to Jorge or ask a question, leave a comment and Jorge will see it.

Here is the link to Jorge’s book:

Happy reading!

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  1. Jorge, I just finished reading your story. First, I wish you an early Happy 50th birthday…I have family members with birthdays a couple days before and after yours!

    Your humour and intelligence shines through your writing- you gave me more than a few chuckles along the way- so true what you say about needing the hospital after eating hospital food a while!

    Keep writing because I enjoyed it!

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