Beating the February Blahs!!

by Samantha Millar, Carolyn Henry, Julie Millar, Glynis Henry

Success over the Blahs

We think the best way to beat the February Blahs is spending time with friends and family, so let’s wish Audrey and Silvano a Happy Birthday wish. 

Audrey’s Birthday is on February 15, born one hour after Valentine’s Day ❤️. Audrey says that, “this year I am doing nothing “special” because of Covid 19.  Just saying home with my cat Oliver.  ( I wonder if he can “meow” Happy Birthday? “ )

There are many February birthdays in my family.  We used to always get together and celebrate them with a family February party.  One time when I was working  at the Hugh MacMillan Centre I was eating lunch in the big cafeteria and a man came in with 50 balloons and everyone in the cafeteria started to sing Happy Birthday along with him. That was a very special memory!!

Silvano’s Birthday is February 18th. Silvano says that this year he isn’t having a celebration  either, because of COVID. He remembers his  “best birthday was my 50th. I celebrated with a lot of my relatives and friends in a big restaurant.”

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