Special Music Guests

We met Ken Whiteley on Zoom when he joined our music group. Carolyn thought he was a really neat person and lots of fun to play music with. Ken told some stories about his music. He likes to create new songs as he sings them. Do you know that if somebody hadn’t recorded him when he sang “Gospel Music” for the first time, it might not have been written down? We each took a turn playing with him.

Samantha didn’t know that Ken plays with Raffi so it was a happy surprise. Samantha and her sister Jayme loved Raffi when they were younger. They sang and danced to Baby Belluga, Knees up Mother Brown, and Shake my Sillies out. Samantha looked on her Spotify account and saw that Ken played guitar and piano and even arranged some songs with him; like ‘Junior Ragtime’. Samantha liked Ken’s music before she found out about the connection with Raffi, she loves Ken’s music even more now!!!

By Samantha Millar and Carolyn Henry 

with assistance from Julie Millar and Glynis Henry

4 Replies to “Special Music Guests”

  1. Really enjoying the Youtube postings and the postings of the Bliss Band members . Keep it up …. especially all the stories and adventures.

  2. It was a blast having Ken and hearing the iBand jam along! Thanks for reminding me of those Raffi songs – I haven’t thought about those in a long time : )

  3. Carolyn & Sam, thanks for bringing up that story about how “Gospel Music” might never have been, were it not for the foresight of the guy who took the video of Ken’s first performance of it.

    What a story, and we heard it directly from Ken!

    I love learning about these behind-the-scenes quirks of creativity, of “what might never have been”…special stories that can only be told by the people who were there!

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